Cooling Tower Chemicals

Product Image (PI C222)

Good Quality Water - Anti Scale

"PreIndust" 222 is a liquid containing organic phosphate and high molecular syntetic strong dispersing agent to control scale and inorganic fouling in open recirculating cooling water system employing waters.

Product Image (PI C232)

Good Quality Water - Anti-Corrosion

"PreIndust" 232 is a zinc polyphosphate based programme for corrosion prevention through Anodic and Cathodic Corrosion inhibition.

Product Image (PI C2402)

Biocides - Chlorine based

PreIndust 2402 is a stable chlorine based antimicrobial liquid chemical to kill the bacteria, fungus, etc for open recirculating cooling water system

Product Image (PI C2412)

Biocides - Bromine based

PreIndust 2412 is a stable liquid, bromine based oxidizing biocide for industrial cooling water system.

Product Image (PI C2432)

Biocides - Oxidizing

PreIndust 2432 is a chloro phenate based oxidsing antimicrobial liquid for open recirculating cooling water system for killing of bacteria, algae, fungus, moulds etc.

Product Image (PI C2452)

Bio - Dispersant

We are offering an extensive series of PreIndust Biodispersant Chemical. These products are extremely employed in the market for diverse purposes.

Product Image (PI C2462)

Bio Dispersant - Normal

By keeping track with the modern trends, we are bringing forward a wide series of Biodispersant Chemicalto our valued patrons.

Product Image (PI C2472)

Biocides - Non Oxidizing

"PreIndust" 2472 is a broad spectrum nonoxidizing quaternary ammonium compound base anti microbial liquid for open recirculating cooling water system for killing of algae, bacteria, fungus, moulds, etc.


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